Rosa Falkenhagen

· Editorial Design

· 2018

· Agentur Salic

Rosa Falkenhagen is an actress that finished her studies in Munich in 2018/19. When she had to apply for different theatres she wanted to stand out from the crowd with something special. The main task was to include her CV, portraits and an interview in the portfolio.

Because she is an actress who can play multiple characters it was important to reflect her real personality in the design.
As her name is "Rosa" it was almost obvious to use rose as a main colour for her portfolio. A display font which is quite distinct was picked and was intended to invoke a vintage feeling. We always blew the type up big, and combined it with a more static and silent font for the copy text.
Because theatres are home to a lot of history we wanted to incorporate something very classic into her portfolio and therefore used recycled newspaper. We even changed the size of the newspaper to accommodate the big type.
I did this project together with CEO and Art Director Christian while I was working for the agency "Salic" in Salzburg. Check out their website here:


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